Watch Streamed Movies Online- Uncensored review


Hey, Nathan here,

This is my completely uncensored review of what I think about the online streamed movie membership.

This is just a review: click here for the website.

You might be wondering why I wrote a review on this product. Well, I have always loved movies and when I found this membership I wanted to research it before becoming a member. I found that there were not many reviews out there for it so I decided to do my own research and write a review for all of you guys in the same situation I was in.

You should know though that I will be including the good and the bad of this product for a complete and comprehensive review, but I challenge you to read this review and come to your own conclusions.

If you are sick of late fees, rental stores that don’t have your movie of choice or high priced rentals, then keep reading to see why a streamed online movie membership might be the answer to these common annoyances.

If you want to watch streamed movies online, then might be the right choice for you. allows you to download movies online from anywhere you want 24 hours a day. You can access just about any streamed movies you want old or new and save that movie on your computer for any time you may want to watch that movie again; this a is a great feature because does not just stream movies to your computer but also allows you to download them too your driver.

You are able to access these movies by signing up for a membership with; the memberships consist of three packages you can choose from. The first one is the Silver plan which is (3 months for 29.95), the Gold plan which is (1 year for 34.95) and the Platinum plan which is (5 years for 39.95). It is very easy to see which plan is the most profitable in that the difference between 3 months and 5 years is only a 10 dollar difference.

Are you are tired of paying enormous monthly fees for streamed movies and want an affordable venue with a one time fee? Check out this great movie venue.

Click here to see the product I am talking about.

If you want to watch streamed movies online, then really is the way to go. There are many positive features to this streamed movies membership site that make it stand out among a world of online movie sites. To start with, I was very surprised to see how fast these movies download. You can literally download movies online to your computer in only a couple of minutes and the process is very easy.

There is literally no limit to how many movies you chose to download onto your computer with I like that they have a great selection of old and new movies online available for you to download. They are also keeping their inventory up to date with the latest movies.

Another feature that I felt was definitely noteworthy is that there are no reoccurring monthly fees. I really appreciated this because we all know some of those big name online movie venues who charge you by the month; after awhile that really starts to add up! With though, if you want to watch streamed movies online then you only have to pay once and then you have unlimited access until your plan ends. If you end up not wanting to stay with then you always have the assurance of getting your money back with a 60 day money back guarantee.

When I decided to watch streamed movies online and looked into, I did find some negative aspects of the membership site that was not a deal breaker by any means but was worth mentioning.  One of these aspects was the fact that though they get latest movies online downloaded to their site; it does take some additional time since movie downloading venues get their movies later then venues such as Redbox or video stores.

Another factor that I originally found confusing was that you do not get a list of movie titles before you sign up so if you are looking for a specific movie they might not have it but may get it eventually. These were the only two factors that I wished were different about, but in the long run it did not sway my decision to purchase it since these aspects were not too big.

So overall I feel that is the best route to go when looking into watching streamed movies online.

Click here to read more on the website.

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Watch Streamed Movies Online – is better than other venues?

If you are going to watch streamed movies online, then it is my opinion that has more options than most other online movie venues. One thing that really sets apart from the rest is that it does not use peer 2 peer streaming.

Peer 2 peer streaming is a system that sends a stream out to a user which in turn is filtering out to other users unknown to them. That user is like a conduit that filters the signal out to others.  This can cause major screen freezing and disrupted audio at any given time. does not use peer 2 peer streaming, they allow you to direct download their movies online which means you are the only user and recipient; this makes for a great movie watching experience with no freezing or bandwidth issues. gives you a great movie watching experience with no freezing or audio issues!

Click here to see the product I am talking about.

Most other online venues make you have to access their website to watch the same movie over again but not allows you to direct download the latest movies online once and then you never have to access their site again to watch the film, you can access it from your own driver. This is really convenient if you are wanting to watch streamed movies but you are on a road trip or a plane and do not have access to the internet.

Finally, does not make you pay a monthly charge to watch streamed movies online like most other movie venues, they only make you pay one very low priced payment and then you have unlimited access streaming movies online through your membership plan.

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Watch Streamed Movies Online – Is streaming better than renting?

I have to say upfront that I have gotten very tired of renting movies recently so I decided to watch streamed movies online.  I found that using streamed movie sites are much more convenient then having to go to the video store (all you lazy people understand what I mean!). I found that using, I can download movies online from anywhere and at anytime of the day or night if I chose. This was not possible with rentals since most rental places close around 10-11 p.m. I was also very annoyed when I would go to the video store and find that the movie that I wanted to rent was out of stock; with an online movie membership I can watch the latest movies online that are always in stock at any time.

I also have to point out that streaming movies online can cost as small as a penny when using where most rental stores make you pay up to 3 dollars for most new releases.  So with that said, it is my opinion that streamed movies online are a much better choice than renting movies at a video store; I am sure video stores will become all but obsolete in the future as more people start to watch streaming films online.

Click here for more information on the website.

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